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Directional Proximity Switch
Convenience and Functionality

It’s designed to control lighting or other power receivers inisde of living quarters as well as workshop/industrial premises, garages, warehouses, etc.

If located in a place not exposed to direct rainwater or its vapors, it’s also possible to control external light sources, e.g. in gardens, on balconies, etc.

Kierunkowy Włącznik Zbliżeniowy

Wygoda i funkcjonalność

Przeznaczony jest do sterowania oświetleniem lub innymi odbiornikami mocy, zarówno w pomieszczeniach mieszkalnych jak również pomieszczeniach warsztatowych/przemysłowych, garażach, magazynach itp.

Przy zapewnieniu lokalizacji sterownika w miejscu nienarażonym na bezpośrednie działanie wody opadowej i jej par możliwe jest również sterowanie źródłami światła zewnętrznego np. w ogrodach, balkonach itp.

Various applications of iSense sensor

As with any product, there are hundreds of potential applications. The simplest and most obvious one for the iSENSE remote switch is direction-selective lighting control in a house, apartment, workshop etc.

Take, for example, staircase of a multi-family or single-family building. Standard light switches must be operated manually by pressing the appropriate key. Classic PIR motion sensor installed on the ceiling will turn on the lighting on the staircase each time it detects movement of any object warmer than ambient temperature even if no one’s currently using the stairs.

However, thanks to the very narrow field of view of the iSENSE remote switch, installing the switch on the wall at the height of the first step will allow the lighting of the staircase or it’s side illumination to turn on only when the person actually uses the stairs.

Selective lighting switching

The classic PIR motion sensor can’t distinguish the size of a moving object or person. With the intelligent automatic iSENSE switch, selective switching on the stair lighting with a distinction like human or animal is not a problem.

The remote contactless iSENSE sensor installed above the first step at the right height (such as 1 meter) will not only ensure automatic stair lighting without the need for searching and using the light switch. It will also do so only when the stairs’ user is tall enough. This way dogs, cats, or any other pets running up and down won’t turn on the stair lighting.

Imagination is our only limitation

The touchless remote iSENSE switch is not only for lighting stairs or communication routes in the home/office. The possibilities of applications are limited only by our imagination and creativity. Convenient switching lighting on and off in the kitchen or living room with a hand movement as an alternative or even complete replacement for a mechanical key switch, non-contact control of bedside lamps in the bedroom, proximity lighting control in the garage or workshop – these are just a few more examples of home applications.

You can change the configuration, operating mode, and detection thresholds of the iSENSE switch by using a miniature controller smaller than a credit card. That allows for easy adjustment of the device to the current needs of a given place by regulating the minimum detection distance (in the range of 20-150cm), operating mode (on/off/timer), or sensitivity to the level of external lighting in the room. Of course, the iSENSE switch also allows for remote control like turning on and off the TV while lying on the couch. The latter function increases safety in dangerous conditions such as working in proximity to dangerous moving/sharp/rotating elements by not having direct contact with the switch.

Advantages of iSENSE sensor

  • Adjustable range
  • Light level sensor
  • Very fast reaction time
  • Power
  • Load
  • Low power consumption
  • Programmable operating mode
  • Timer Mode
  • Installation
  • Remote presence detection
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Interchangeable frames
  • LED signaling
  • Configuration with micro remote controller
  • Precise beam
  • 0,2m ÷ 1,5m
  • Five levels
  • ≤ 0,2s
  • +12 VDC ± 1V
  • ≤ 5A (AC) or 5A (≤ +30VDC)
  • ≤ 0,2 W (standby mode)
  • Timer/Switch

  • 1s ÷ 15min
  • Flush-mounted (60mm can)

Zalety czujnika iSENSE

  • Regulowana zasięg
    Zakres 0,2m ÷ 1,5m
  • Sensor poziomu oświetlenia
    Pięć poziomów
  • Bardzo szybki czas reakcji
    ≤ 0,2s
  • Zasilanie
    +12 VDC ± 1V
  • Obciążenie
    ≤ 5A (AC) lub 5A (≤ +30VDC)
  • Niski pobór mocy
    ≤ 0,2 W (czuwanie)
  • Programowalny tryb pracy
  • Czas w trybie Timer
    1s ÷ 15min
  • Montaż
    Podtynkowy (puszka 60mm)
  • Odległościowa detekcja obecności
  • Estetyczny wygląd
  • Wymienne ramki
  • Sygnalizacja LED
  • Konfiguracja mikropilotem
  • Szpilkowa wiązka