Spraw aby Twój dom
stał sie SMART

RayCon Technologies – is an innovative company established in 2011 specializing in the design, implementation and implementation of professional electronics for industrial and home applications.

Our observations and thorough market research,
revealed the dominant tendency to import almost everything from China and the lack of companies/entities on the domestic market willing to undertake non-standard or unusual works or devices not available on the commercial market, which by nature require a lot of research work,
conceptual and engineering leading to the creation of a fully functional, good quality product, all for a relatively reasonable price.

Due to the huge potential of the Smart Home market of installations and devices for the broadly understood area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Smart Home, we focused on the development of direction-selective home / building automation devices and intelligent integrated miniature controllers, especially for lighting in apartments, houses,
hotels and public buildings. The analysis of currently available Smart Home solutions, apart from the usually prohibitively high prices, also showed us the deficiencies of many interesting and sought after by electrical installation companies and Developers functionalities of control devices for the Smart Home of the future.
When designing new Smart Home devices for you to make your work, life and use of your home easier/more pleasant, we combined the standard solutions already existing on the market with innovative utility and technical functions –
and all this with the overriding goal of creating devices for the Smart Home that are affordable for each device, compared to the currently available on the market, often horrendously expensive Smart Home systems and controllers.
In the Products section you will find detailed information on Smart Home devices designed from scratch with your comfort and budget in mind, which you will probably appreciate during the everyday use of our controllers for a Smart Home.
Our innovative technical solutions have also been recognized by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (UPRP) by granting patent protection for the intelligent home automation devices of the Smart Home (Smart Home) presented to you on this product page.

We invite you to the world of the Smart Home for everyone.